Providence St. Joseph Bi-Plane Angiography (Burbank CA)


Project Description

Providence Health

Burbank, California

Surface Area:
2,104 SF

Year Completed:

Project Value:
$ 9,615

C|A Architects

Products / Strategic Partners:
ARDEX Americas, Mannington

Project Summary

Providence’s commitment to Mannington Commercial is strong, and is especially evident in the products that their designers specify. Using a combination of both cherry toned, Realities wood-grain sheet vinyl and the linen-like style of Paradigm sheet vinyl, C|A Architects provided a natural and soothing environment within the space that has become synonymous with the Providence brand. Understated in many ways, this space was still elegant and contemporary. With such heavy equipment moving into the space, the flooring design was used to accent a beautiful machine, while helping to set a peaceful tone for those entering the space to undergo testing.

In order to accommodate this installation, floor preparation was essential. First, moisture tests revealed that Moisture Control would be necessary, and thus, Ardex MC Rapid was used to alleviate the risk of moisture failure in one primary room of the project. Within the equipment room itself, Siemens – the manufacturer of the Biplane Angiography machine – required a level surface in order to ensure proper balance in the equipment. As such, Universal Metro self leveled the suite, using Ardex K60, providing a flat, smooth, and level substrate, ready for new sheet vinyl and a very sophisticated piece of equipment. Mannington’s sheet vinyl was installed to perfection – providing a stunning, natural palette to a beautiful new space.