Beverly Hospital Cosmetic Upgrade (Montebello, CA)


Project Description

Beverly Hospital

Montebello, California

Surface Area:
41,600 SF

Year Completed:

Project Value:
$ 680,475

SWA Architects

Products / Strategic Partners:
ARDEX Americas, Armstrong Flooring Inc.,
Mannington, Tandus Centiva,
Tarkett | Johnsonite

Project Summary

Operating in buildings constructed in the 1960s and early ’70s, Beverly Hospital put forth an initiative in 2016 to cosmetically upgrade their primary facilities, including the Emergency Department (6,300 SF), Main Entrance (3,500 SF), Cafeteria (2,000 SF), Conference Rooms (3,800 SF), and all corridors accessible to patients and visitors, from the Basement Level through the Fifth Floor (approx. 26,000 SF). Designs compliment the architecture of the past, while gracefully modernizing the finishes.

Without major changes to the original shell, designers set out to incorporate architectural elements like interior brickwork into their design, while reinvigorating the nostalgia of the over 50 year old buildings with past-century, pastel wall colors and a heavy reliance on the contemporary and timeless beauty of Mannington’s Paradigm Collection to set the mood for each rejuvenated space. Wayfinding accents were incorporated using Mannington’s seamless transitional patterns, like Streamline, Flow, and Intersect, and carpet became the centerpiece of each room it was used in, including the Main Lobby, Cafeteria, and Conference Rooms, with beautiful styles from Tandus and Mannington.

Balancing census and capacity constraints with a need to open corridors to traffic at the end of each shift, Universal Metro worked with the General Contractor and facility’s Project Manager to provide demolition of existing floor covering and substrate remediation at the front end of each phase, providing walkable paths of travel, prior to installing on subsequent shifts. Moisture Control was necessary in several areas, and due to structural changes between wood, concrete, and even, Terrazzo substrates, Ardex’s primer and self leveler were commonly used with Ardex MC Rapid, when necessary. With more than 75 total phases, each consisting of at least two days or nights, crews worked around the clock to complete the project within 11 months. Spray adhesives and faster setting underlayments were vital to afford the hospital with a quick-turnarounds during each phase. The end result was a beautiful throwback to yester-year’s architecture, and beautiful new modern finishes.