Grant Petruzzelli contributes to “Evolution of the Flooring Contractor” Panel Discussion

In a June 2019 Floor Focus Magazine article, Universal Metro’s President participated in a panel discussion with three other Starnet Commercial Flooring Contractors regarding new opportunities and challenges facing the modern-day flooring contractor.


Evolution of the Commercial Contractor: A panel discussion
Jun 19

By Beth Miller

Entrepreneurial commercial contractors have uncovered new opportunities to both provide additional services to existing customers and target a new set of customers. As such, the roles and skill sets of the contemporary commercial contractor continue to evolve beyond the fundamental product and installation and maintenance businesses. Discussing the evolution of the business are four leading commercial flooring contractors and Starnet members: Mike Patton, owner of DSB+, headquartered in Livermore, California; Grant Petruzzelli, president of Universal Metro, located in Santa Fe Springs, California; Jim Vanhauer, founder and president of Commercial Flooring Systems, located in Omaha, Nebraska; and Randy Weis, owner of RD Weis, headquartered in Elmsford, New York.

Q: What were your core flooring product services ten years ago?
Petruzzelli: Ten years ago, the economic market was in chaos, and while many of our projects were budgeted in the years prior, the need to value engineer projects was increasing, as owners tightened up their spending. Projects in our pipeline were being cancelled, and facilities turned their focus on the most urgent needs, bringing those smaller projects in-house. As the healthcare leader in our marketplace, much of our concentration of products was focused on the needs of hospitals at the time. As such, we predominantly installed sheet vinyl and linoleum over any other finishes. When those economic constraints hit our projects, VCT was often used as the lower priced alternative to sheet goods, and when carpet could be used, it was mostly broadloom. The focus at the time was largely financially driven, as facilities attempted to stretch whatever dollars they had rather than focus on long-term solutions. Continue reading “Grant Petruzzelli contributes to “Evolution of the Flooring Contractor” Panel Discussion”