Everyday Essentials Collection Offers Flooring Finishes in 10 Days or Less

While it’s always a benefit to get things in a timely manner, we have been conditioned for it in a world where Amazon and other retailers promise quick turnaround for nearly any product you can think of.

We believe that fast turnaround can also be a reality in flooring. As such, we have curated a collection of flooring finishes designed to meet urgent needs without compromise to quality or design. Our EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS Collection includes carpet, LVT, and sheet vinyl flooring finishes that are available to install in as little as 3 days. For the full collection, visit https://universalmetro.com/everydayessentials/.

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Choosing the Right LVT for Your Project

With LVT you can have it all: aesthetics, performance, low maintenance, and long life-cycle. With so many reasons to love luxury vinyl tile (LVT), it is becoming the product of choice for commercial spaces ranging from retail, healthcare and education to hospitality and office. And while some LVTs are tailor-made for commercial use, others are geared for homeowners. How to make sense of the thousands of options, let alone which may be the best solution for your project? Your Starnet member has the expertise to help you navigate the world of LVT.

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